Devlive Updates 3.6

  • Added ability to point a menu item to a page (through either page settings or menu admin)
  • Added the interface design back in with a simpler interface
  • Customizable message on login page
  • Allow definition of url to be different from menu title
  • Fixed a problem with encoded text (affected javascript in page content)
  • Added version change notice screen

URGENT – Change your LinkedIn Password

As you may or may not be already aware, LinkedIn recently had a number of passwords stolen from its online database. With no way to know for sure whose accounts will be affected, we recommend that you change your login information for LinkedIn right away, as well as any related accounts you might have to maintain the security of your online resources.

Devlive training videos are on the way

The internet’s best, most intuitive content management system is about to get even better. Div1 is producing a complete set of easy-to-understand online instructional videos.

With the recent release of the 3.5 update, Devlive boasts more features—and more flexibility—than ever before. The videos will help newbies set up and manage their sites, while giving veterans a chance to refresh their skill sets with new tips and techniques.

The videos will provide step-by-step guidance for nearly every facet of the Devlive experience: editing content, managing pages, managing users (simple and advanced), adding private menus and pages, account setup options, ecommerce, photo galleries, and analytics.

Div1 President Shawn Bannerman can’t wait to see the videos up and running. “Our developers have created this powerful environment for users to design and maintain their own websites,” he says. “With these videos, they’ll learn how to put all those tools to use.”

Stay tuned—we’ll announce the new videos the moment they’re completed and posted.

Div1 predicts major MacBook upgrade

Have you been thinking about buying a sleek new MacBook? You might be better off sticking with your old laptop, at least for another month or two. Signs point to an imminent update to the MacBook line, and we predict it will be well worth the wait.

Intel is poised to release its highly anticipated Ivy Bridge chipsets (April 23, if rumours prove correct), and industry insiders expect a slew of updated laptops to follow soon after. Not surprisingly, no company will be more closely watched than Apple.

Ivy Bridge should enable computers to cut power consumption in half, while boosting CPU performance by 15 percent and GPU by 50 percent. MacBooks running Ivy Bridge chips should be lighter, thinner, and faster, with better battery life—even if, as predicted, they sport Apple’s power-hungry (but ultra-crisp) Retina displays.

Ivy Bridge is expected to show up first in the 15-inch MacBook Pro, with other models coming on board later. Eventually, the chips will likely be adopted in the iMac line as well.

So, keep your credit card in your wallet for another few weeks. Your patience will be rewarded with the best-ever MacBook. Or, if you’re the frugal type, you can expect to nab some great clearance bargains on the current models.

A brand new Devlive, Meet 3.5

-more flexible layouts
-fresh new backend design
-shopping cart support for features, sizes and colors
-custom integration pages are now more robust
-Fully Revamped Photogallery feature
-Categories for galleries
-Improved sorting of E-Commerce categories
-FTP integration (change/reset password)
-easier integration of custom menu images
-More powerful menus (hide pages from the public, lock pages from the public, less obtrusive private menu)
-simpler page creation
-Able to test page content while still logged in
-cleaner code means faster load times
-Built-in FancyBox support

New Developer Center
-support for custom css stylesheets
-built in default styles are easily editable without starting from scratch
-support for custom HTML banners and footers
-new upload images section no longer shrinks large images

Move entry of products to full page
Move creation of gallerys to full page
Moved management of gallerys category to full page
Added creation of ftp account on site creation
Simplified Javascript for page sorting
Changed file vault to only show images where thumbnails are available
Added css styling to developer resource center
Added uncompressed image upload to developer resource center
Restructure Private menu


For me, design is like choosing what I’m going to wear for the day – only much more complicated and not really the same at all.

— Robynne Raye

Devlive Updates #3.1.6

  • Fix hidden settings when page’s parent is hidden (the page itself should show hidden as well)
  • Update fancybox (lightbox) so overlay color/opacity is same as page settings overlay
  • Interface designer: only popup private test menu when user has the private menu settings open
  • Interface designer: only popup public test menu when user has the public menu settings open
  • Added update to photo galleries
  • Made Admin navigation bar push down content instead of overwriting
  • Added admin navigation bar to dashboard

Level Up! Devlive Updates! #3.1.5

Remember to keep coming back to see how much Devlive keeps getting better

  • Removed prototype/scriptalous (previously used for lightbox images)
  • added jquery fancybox for lightbox images/galleries
  • added Hidden pages in the menu (for public items)
  • added a 404 error page that lists all pages when page not found error happens
  • Removed redundant database queries in menu, should improve performance of sites with large menus
  • allow menu to link directly to a page