Social Media? What is it? And why should my business use it?

It seems that social media has been on everyone’s mind lately and no doubt you’ve probably heard it more than once being thrown around your office. Many of you already take part in social media. Maybe you have a Facebook? Or perhaps you’ve created a Twitter page for your business. Either way it seems that more consumers are spending time online than they ever have before.

So how do we tap into these markets? How do I use these channels in a way to benefit my business? These are all common questions.

The most important thing in social media is the fact that it opens up conversations between yourself and your customers. Your clients are eager to feel involved in your business and want to know that their opinions matter. It’s VITAL that you appear transparent, honest and show off a more human side whenever using social media. Don’t just push your products at your clients with a hard sell, showing your customers that you’re more than that is what truly matters.

The true value of social media is two things we like to call social proof and brand loyalty…

What is Social Proof? 

Social proof is a simple concept. It’s the term that describes one human being making a decision based on the opinions of another. We see social proof everyday. For example, when you may ask your buddy which cellphone you should buy and you may purchase a product based on that advice. Social media allows you to take the act of social proof and use it to your advantage. By using Twitter you might be able to post some of the good things your customers have been saying on Twitter, or you might be able to share a positive review on your Facebook page. These things will help you win over more customers by showing them that you’ve made others happy.

What is Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty is an important thing. Your brand is the look and feel of your business, and over time people relate their positive experiences with your brand. This then results in brand loyalty. Social media can help you grow your brand loyalty by helping you reach out and create more of these positive experiences with your customers.

In order to use social media in a way that is effective, you must be dedicated to hearing what your customers are saying whether it be good or bad. I hope this shed some light on how social media works and why your business should consider doing it.

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